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Dr. Jyl Rubin, DVM, CVA, AAOT

RegenO3one Vet

Mobile Vet Connection, Inc.


The Global Veterinarian

When your work is your passion, the fuel of your soul, your life, who you are at the core of your being...... how, then, can you retire from yourself?

Dr. Jyl graduated in 1995 from Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine. She received a degree in Animal Health Technology and worked as a licensed veterinary technician for 13 years before attending veterinary school.


Dr. Jyl has owned and operated a mobile and stationary integrative veterinary practice since 1999. She is an entrepreneur who possesses a strong business ethic. Her passions are practicing veterinary medicine and educating the world about preventive and holistic care for animals of all species. Dr. Jyl's veterinary practice offers ozone therapy, acupuncture, blue light therapy and cold laser therapy, shock wave therapy, Digitherm, PEMF therapy, hyperthermia, Chinese herbal and food therapy, and Prolozone.

Dr. Jyl has a special approach to practicing veterinary medicine, which includes taking time to inform and educate clients about their pets’ health conditions and treatment options. This approach has consistently led to a higher overall quality of care, pet health, and pet and client happiness. Dr. Jyl is continually searching for new holistic medical treatments to enhance and improve the overall quality of animals’ lives. She is passionate about veterinary medicine and about educating and training other veterinarians and their staff about holistic medicine, and she is dedicated to educating and enhancing the relationship between people and animals. Dr. Jyl has been a veterinary news educator for over 20 years and has been featured on Animal Planet, Disney Radio, CBS, and Fox TV.


Dr. Jyl has been practicing ozone therapy since 2015 and is a member of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, American Holistic Veterinary Association, and the American Veterinary Medical Association. She is excited to be teaching ozone therapy to other veterinarians and pet parents so they can also benefit from this amazing therapy. 


In 2005, Dr. Jyl founded Veterinary After Rescue Kare (VARK), a non-profit organization that provides unwanted animals of all species and breeds another chance at life by helping to fund their medical care through rescue organizations.


Dr. Jyl lives with her husband, four dogs, three cats, two parrots, seven desert tortoises, two alpacas, one llama, one goat, one pig, and one 150-pound Sulcata tortoise. Her hobbies are gardening, scuba diving, and traveling.

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