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Margo Roman, DVM, CVA, COT, CPT, FAAO

Dr. Margo Roman has been a pioneer in the ozone therapy industry for over 20 years.

She has been instrumental in my personal and professional journey to learn about and teach the benefits of ozone therapy to others. Dr. Roman’s support has helped to enhance my skills, competencies, achievements, and continual success for healing
patients and educating other veterinarians.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Roman for upholding such high standards and for being an excellent counsellor and teacher. The ability for my patients to survive and live an improved lifestyle through ozone therapy has been obtained because of Dr. Roman’s
willingness to serve as a true mentor. Her kindness, direction, and insightful leadership have allowed me to gift my knowledge to others and to change the way veterinary medicine will be practiced successfully through ozone therapy in the future. I can never thank Dr. Roman enough.

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Photo Credit: Sue Weisler

Leigh Rubin, Author, Cartoonist

Leigh Rubin is an accomplished author and cartoonist. He has written more than 20 books. 2023 marks the 39th anniversary of Leigh's internationally syndicated cartoon, Rubes®, which is now distributed by Creators Syndicate to hundreds of newspapers
and media outlets worldwide.


His work has been featured in film, television, and advertising. Leigh also enjoys a busy schedule giving thought-provoking and entertaining presentations on art and creativity at conferences, as well as professional organizations all around the country.

In 2018 Leigh began serving at Rochester Institute of Technology as the college's first Cartoonist-in-Residence. Leigh’s artistic talent and a number of his cartoons can be seen throughout our website, on our product labels, in our user manuals and publications, and on our social media pages.

We share Leigh’s belief that laughter is necessary and can bring joy even during life’s challenges. We truly thank Leigh for enlightening us with his humor, and it is our privilege to display his work in our work.

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Stanley, the Stallion

Stanley H. Rubin

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RegenO3one Vet’s Stanley the Stallion ozone generator is named in honor of Dr. Jyl’s father, Stanley Rubin (AKA: Stan the Man), who was an amazing, loving, hard-working, family man and honest to a fault. He was a dedicated husband as well and was married to Dr. Jyl’s mother, Natalie, for 63 years.


Stanley’s work ethic was unstoppable. He was an entrepreneur and owned a small printing business at which Dr. Jyl and her siblings worked until well into adulthood. When it came to getting the job done and making sure his customers were happy, Stanley surpassed most. He was truly committed to communication and quality work, which his customers grew to love.


During World War II, Stanley served overseas in Europe in the Signal Corps. He was a member of the Decoy Unit for the Battle of the Bulge.


Stanley managed to keep his hilarious sense of humor in both good and bad times while simultaneously instilling a fierce work ethic and family loyalty to all those who had the honor to know him. He was extremely reliable and never let anyone down.

It seemed only natural to Dr. Jyl to dedicate the Stallion ozone generator to her father because of his truly stellar characteristics and stability.


RegenO3one Vet honors Stanley’s service and dedication to his country and family. It is imperative he never be forgotten. He is deeply missed by his friends, customers, and family and will live forever in their hearts.


The following link is about Stanley’s service in the Army from 1939 to 1945. He was selected by the Veteran’s Administration to participate in a military documentary project to educate future generations about World War ll.

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