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Why is Ozone Therapy Used for Farm, Avian, and Large Animals?


Ozone therapy is used in a wide variety of applications in farm, avian, and large animals, such as bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine, and even poultry. It is beneficial in any situation with infection, inflammation, tissue damage, cancer, etc. It is particularly useful for farm and large animals who are not responding well to medication, as this oxygen-rich treatment helps boost all conventional and alternative therapies to achieve maximum efficacy.


When ozone is applied to farm, avian, and large animals, it reaches the bloodstream by distributing systemic ozone that reacts immediately with several substances, showing greater affinity for polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, though carbohydrates and proteins can also be affectedThrough these reactions, two important groups of by-products are produced: reactive oxygen species and lipid oxidation products. 


Ozone therapy has been proven successful in treating mastitis. In acute clinical mastitis, animals treated with ozone therapy did not require antibiotics for recovery. This newly-developed ozone therapy method was also proven to be safe and cost effective, and there is no risk of drug residues being left in milk.


A few examples of conditions that can benefit from ozone therapy include:​


  • Skin issues — Ozone therapy is useful for ringworm, abscesses, external parasite injuries from lice and flies, and wounds (especially deep abrasions and degloving injuries.)


  • Pain relief — Ozone is ideal for decreasing inflammation and pain. It can be used for orthopedic, soft tissue, and post-operative pain, as well as for acute and chronic issues, such as laminitis, toe ulcers, foot rot, and bacterial infections.

  • Neurological issues — Head trauma and spinal cord inflammation are two conditions commonly treated with ozone therapy. 

  • Oral conditions — Tooth decay and abscesses can be tricky to manage, but ozone therapy is an excellent treatment modality for these challenging dental issues. Ozone therapy is ADA approved for dental abscesses.

  • Cancer and autoimmune problems — Ozone therapy attacks and destroys abnormal cells while boosting the healing powers of healthy cells.

  • Eye issues — Ozone therapy can be useful to help treat challenging ocular infections, allergic reactions, and soothe corneal abrasions.

  • Upper respiratory conditions — Upper respiratory conditions can be caused by a number of pathogens leading to infection and an inflamed airway, both of which can be alleviated through ozone therapy.

  • Gastrointestinal problems — Constipation, diarrhea, intestinal bacterial infections, and colitis are common disorders treated with ozone therapy.

  • Reproductive conditions — Ozone therapy can be used for uterine infections, sanitation purposes, and especially mastitis. The infusion of ozone into the inflamed teat quarter of a cow with clinical mastitis has been extremely effective in decreasing infections without the use of antibiotics.

  • Adjunctive treatment — Ozone therapy potentiates acupuncture, homeopathy, and chiropractic treatments because it brings more needed oxygen to the body.

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