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Why is Ozone Therapy Used for Avian, Exotics, Reptiles, Zoo Animals, and Aquarium Animals?


Ozone therapy can be applied to avian, exotics, reptiles, zoo animals, and aquarium animals such as ferrets, rabbits, skunks, exotic cats, pocket pets, and even fish. Ozone is a beneficial treatment for these types of animals who have infections, wounds, and parasitic diseases. Similar applications of ozone that are administered to other types of animals can also be utilized in these species depending on the animal’s condition and demeanor. 

Although RegenO3one Vet does not supply life support systems for aquatic animals and marine species within aquariums, it is important to educate veterinarians about the significant requirements and available ozone systems for disinfection and enhanced water treatments. Ozone can control microbial and bacteria growth in aquarium life support systems. It has been widely deployed in aquariums across the world for fresh water exhibits, salt water exhibits, and recycled water. 

RegenO3one Vet teaches applications of ozone on a variety of animals, reptiles, and aquatics by demonstrating that ozone therapy provides numerous benefits to enhance regenerative medicine to these species. We will be offering courses on the direct application of ozone therapy to exotic animals in the future.   


“Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.” – George Gordon Byron

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